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momathomewith2boys asked Questions about cordless drills?

I was interested in getting a cordless drill for my husband for Christmas since his fizzled out. It's just for home use. (He's not a carpenter or anything like that.) Anyway, can I get some opinions about drills you own or use whether they're great, good, bad awful. Also, do they all come with different sized drill bits? If not, can you buy any set of them? Are they interchangeable. Will the ones my husband had for his old drill fit any drill?? I'm looking to spend less than $100!! Thanks for your advice! No, Thomas, I never asked about drills before, but thanks for the advice.

And got the following answer:

By far the best choice is "Rigid" which is the top of the line and provide a FULL charge to the batteries within 20-30 minutes. The second choice is "Dewalt" which is a very strong and reliable drill but takes about 1-2 hours to charge the batteries. The least expensive is "Ryobi" which is okay for a handyman at home but takes longer to charge, the battery life is not very long and it would not hold up to extended daily use. But for the price is an okay drill. All of the above drills will either come in sets with other tools, such as saws, flashlights etc. And most of them come in a nice plastic case for easy storage. Also most of them depending on the battery voltage can have 1 battery that will work with the other accessories of the same brand name. But make sure that you pay close attention to the battery voltage! Very important. The 9.6 Volt systems are "NO GOOD" The 12 Volt systems are okay for occasional "Home" use The 18 Volt are the strongest for the price and can stand up to more frequent use. Great gift idea... Check out Home Depot. They have the best holiday specials going on... Email me if you need additional details or info

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