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jojo asked is dewalt dcd960kl a type of hammerdrill?

i am just wondering if dewalt dcd660kl is a hammerdrill. I am a little bit confused because some of the dewalt cordless items indicates hammerdrill but with dcd960kl it does not say. In the description it only says drill/driver kit. Can this be used to drill concrete and masonry? Is this good kind of hammerdrill?

And got the following answer:

When I googled DeWalt DCD960 it gave me sites that had an 18 volt hammer drill. The K at the end typically refers to a kit, meaning it has a charger and at least one battery. The L can mean several things, but usually is meant to reference a particular model sold through a specific outlet and is a means of making inventory control and comparison shopping more difficult. A hammer drill usually sells for $30 or more than a comparably equipped non-hammer drill. DeWalt and its' parent company, Black and Decker have been making power tools for a very long time and even supplied the cordless drills that the Apollo astronauts used to retrieve core samples from the moon, so I'd feel comfortable recommending them for most applications. Make sure you're buying from a reputable retailer such as a home center or online site such as ToolKing or CPOTools, and look into reconditioned tools, because you can often get professional quality at a homeowner price, but make sure you're getting two batteries and a charger.

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