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Jack asked How do you check to see how deep ice is?

There is a pond at the bottom of my street. It is getting frozen now that it is getting colder and some of my friends and I want to play hockey on it. Every year there are people skating on it so I know it's safe. I was just wondering if anyone knew any ways to check how thick the ice is.

And got the following answer:

Use a cordless drill with a 8 inch long paddle bit and drill holes in the ice at different locations or an ice auger. Start close to shore and work your way out. DO NOT trust ice under 4 inches to even walk on, 6 inches is safe to play on and if your drill bit cant reach water you have nothing to worry about. You see it may be 4 inches in one place and only 1 inch in another spot. Many factors come into play such as a creek or small steam going into the pond will thaw some ice there. Downed trees in the water will heat up from the sun and melt ice near it. Exposed rocks or soil along the shore will do that too. I have driven snow machines across 4 inches of ice and drove pickup truck out on 14 inches of ice. Note there are different types of ice; blue or clear ice with little air in it this is strong stuff, white ice with lots of air bubbles trapped inside; this can be very weak ice. My kids used the rock test. Take a big rock about 50 lbs and slam it down on the ice, if it just bounces off like it hit the sidewalk concrete your ok to walk on it. If it takes a chunk out or leaves even a small tiny hole STAY OFF.

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