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John asked DEWALT DCD760KL Review?

I'm thinking about getting the DEWALT DCD760KL. Does anyone own one of these bad boys already? Would love to hear any feedback about it. Thanks!

And got the following answer:

This the latest iteration of the venerable 18 volt DeWalt cordless drill/driver with the compact size and lithium ion batteries. It's lighter and more powerful than its predecessors and I think you'll be very happy with it. One of the guys I work with has one and loves it. This one comes with a one piece plastic sleeved chuck so while its not as durable as an all metal version, its also a lot lighter and contributes to the overall weight of the tool being 4 pounds, which is excellent, especially if you have to use the thing all day, or have it attached to your belt. It's a lot lighter than the old 18 volt NiCad drill with the all metal chuck that was also a lot longer and unbalanced. It does take a little getting used to the Li batteries though, because when they need to be recharged, they just stop with no warning rather than taper off like the old nickel cadmium or nickel metal hydrides did. I don't know if the battery that comes with this one has LED indicator lights that tell you how much charge is left in it like Milwaukee and Ridgids do. These batteries will work in any DeWalt tool manufactured after 1996, which is a rarity in the tool industry, so that may be a big plus if you have some of the older tools. Panasonic makes all the batteries for Black & Decker/DeWalt as well for other manufacturers, if that makes a difference. I'd also look into buying reconditioned, if I were you. I've been buying factory recons for years for myself and for shops I've run and will never buy a new power tool again. You always get a tool with the original manufacturer's warranty and new batteries and I've never had a problem. Of the dozens I've bought over the years from all the major online retailers I've always had a great experience, never gotten a tool that looked beat up or even used, and have saved a lot of money. You usually get a pro quality tool for about the cost of a DIY model and can often get a kit with two or more tools for the same cost as just the drill, for example, at a home center. Just something to look into. I found the DCD760KL online for $169 at CPO Outlets which is a significant saving over a new one, even online. But whether you spend the money for a new one or go with reconditioned, I think you'll be happy with this drill. It's so much lighter than the 18v Nickel Cadmium tool it replaces and is a lot shorter and able to get into tighter spaces, too. Plus, the batteries don't contain any heavy metals so can be thrown away rather than taken to a specialty recycler to avoid polluting the groundwater supply.

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