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Chris G asked What's the furthest I should put a cordless phone from a wireless router?

I have a cordless phone about 5 inches away from my wireless router. I know that they say not to put phones close to wireless routers because of the interference you may experience. However I am still getting a fast connection with the wireless network. What can be some problems you would see by having a phone too close to a router? Sometimes I will get a real slow connection, but all I have to do is restart my modem and the connection is back up to full speed. Also I am having Strict NAT setting problems on my 360. Can any of these be caused from the phone being too close?

And got the following answer:

My WiFi connection was obliterated by my cordless phone, until I changed the channel that my router used for WiFi. If you are getting some interference try each of the different channels for your WiFi, that may fix your issue.

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