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Joe asked Will an ac-dc inverter work if the power is dc -dc but to increase the volts?

I would like to know if it is possible to use a 12v ac -110v dc power inverter but 12v dc -110v dc power. If this would work, are if there are possible risks or if this even work. And if this won't work, is there such a thing as a 12v dc-110v dc inverter.

And got the following answer:

An INVERTER is a device which takes DC as an input, usually from batteries and makes it into AC for appliances that require AC such as a refrigerator. What you describe is simply different power supplies connected in series with an inverter to step voltage up or down. There ARE DC to DC devices out there. They start with DC in, convert it to AC, run it through a transformer to raise the voltage and then a rectifier to make it DC again. Transformers do NOT work on DC, so they have to convert DC to AC, then the transformer and then rectify the AC back into DC. DC to DC power supplies DO exist, but they can get very expensive. With your original 12v AC to 110 v DC device, all that is, is a transformer to take the 12v AC and raise it to 110 v AC and then a rectifier to change AC to DC.

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