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asked is it dangerous to plug a 12v dc power supply into a device calling for 12v ac power?

this is a electronic music device, specifically an analog drum machine. 12V 1a AC. I plugged a 12V 500mA DC power supply in and am not sure if i damaged the unit.

And got the following answer:

If said unit operated as you expected; you should have no problem, except the fact that a long period of time being on could cause damage to your adaptor. The unit calls for a 12 volts alternating current adaptor, rated at 1 amp. The unit in question (Analog Drum Machine) has an on- board power supply that converts 12 volts A. C. to the required Direct Current needed to run the processor, PIA, and buffer amplifiers. The use of an adaptor with a 12 VDC at 0.5 amps (500 milliamperes) should work without too much trouble, that is not in constant operation. Check the temperature of your adaptor as you run it over a half hour. If it becomes too warm, discontinue use of same and purchase an adaptor that has the capability of at least 0.75 amps (750 mA). Being of an AC input doesn't even matter, because of the rectification going on inside your machine. May I suggest a book on basic electronics so as for you to better understand exactly what is going on inside a typical power supply. Depending on where you live dictates what kind of power comes out of a standard wall outlet. In the United States, it is a frequency of 60 cycles per second at 120 volts. In Europe, it is 50 cps at 200 volts. At this frequency, one can almost detect a flickering in neon and flouresent lighting. I hope I was of some help, here. Feel free 2 e-me.

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