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Jennifer H asked what is the difference between a Dewalt drill and a driver?

Do drivers only have the ability to screw in things? Can you use drill bits in them also, or do you need to have a drill/driver combo?

And got the following answer:

The drilling feature has no clutch settings on it. Using the drill mode the drill turns at full torque and clutch won't kick in. In the driver mode you can set the clutch dial to different settings for torque. Torque is another name for raw power. It may reduce the turning speed , but it puts more power behind the screw or whatever you are fastening with. A drill in the drill mode is like 1 sled dog pulling a snow sled really fast. A drill in the clutch mode on high torque setting is like 1 sled dog pulling 3 snow sleds, but at a lower speed. Torque is "raw power"

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