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Drew asked How to i hook my mixer attachment to my drill?

I bought a mixing attachment for my drill (to mix thin set and such) but the end is too big and wont fit in the drill. Is there anything i can do, such as is there a bit or extender or something?

And got the following answer:

I know exactly what you've done and I know of no way to fix it. You've bought a 1/2" mixer head and you are trying to use it in a 3/8" drill. What you can do is go back to the store and buy a 3/8" mixing head (aka a spinner head). It won't do the job of the big mixer head and will put a lot of air in the mix if you don't use it correctly, but it will work for small batches of thinset. I don't know how much you want to get into this. Here's your head:¤tURL=/pl__0__s?newSearch=true$Ntt=mixer%20drill$y=0$x=0

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