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dirtbiker78965 asked What is a better cordless company: Ridgid or Milwaukee READ FIRST?

Which is a better tool set to buy. Both are really good and i would buy the newest of both and brand new, the milwaukee red lithium or RIDGID because RIDGID stands up to their name and have extremely good service warentees, but milwaukees newest red lithium are really nice. Need help. Would buy a kit with impact driver, drill/driver, sawzaw worklight.18volt lithium ion.

And got the following answer:

if you have the money go for the milwaukee. they are good tools and will be worth the extra buck. RIDGID is a brand that home depot makes. it's a fine brand but milwaukee will be better. its like the store brand version. like when you go to by some thing and they have the name brand and then they have the store brand.

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