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Ray asked How do I start becoming a hobby carpenter?

I want to start learning to make outside furniture. Adirondack chairs, benches, tables, etc. If I am looking to start making these what do I need to know? What should I start building or doing to get me to where I can make these.. tools needed for this hobby, materials, basically anything you can tell me! Thanks!!

And got the following answer:

I would suggest that you head to your local library to look through the book and magazine offerings they have on wood working with an emphasis on outdoor furniture. Before getting down to specifics of actually building anything, review several designs and several sets of directions for several different types of items. As you go through several sets of directions, you should start to get a feel for identifying good directions, good drawings, and good instructions; not always will you find all three in all in the same place. Along the way you will also find general skill instructions; take notes as you see fit and, write down some type of reference so that you can find the general skill instructions you might want to revisit again. A general skill instruction would be something like how to finish/paint something, how to use a particular type of saw, etc... After reviewing several sets of instructions, you will come to realize that you will need some type(s) of measuring tools, marking tools, hammer, screw driver, level(s), and saw. It is likely that you will want some type of powered drill with drill and screw bits. It is likely that you will want some type of skill or powered saw. A square of some type is most useful and often mitered corners are called for. Start with simple projects that require fewer tools, skills, less precision, and less material.

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