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Dat asked How can I separate 1-butanol and 3-heptanone?

Two miscible, clear liquids with a boiling point difference of 30.6 degrees. I tried distillation, but the boiling points are really close. I'm trying to find a liquid that is solube in one and insoluble, but I haven't had any luck

And got the following answer:

That is a (emphasis added) difference in boiling point. Fractional distillation, using a Vigreux column or the related podbilniak column (it's like a Dewar Vigreux) should separate them as long as they do not form an azeotrope. I have separated compounds with boiling points within a 10 °C range with a 250 mm Vigeux (well insulated with duct insulation). Good temperature control is also recommended. I used to use an I2R Therm-O-Watch heating mantle controller that uses a sensor attached to a thermometer inserted into the heated liquid. By setting the sensor just above the boiling point of the lower-boiling component, the contents won't get hot enough to distill the second, higher-boiling component.

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