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Al asked How do I know what power inverter to buy?

Hi, I need to power my laptop (Dell Inspiron) and a printer (Konica Minolta MagicColor 5650) from a car battery. The advice I've been given is to use an inverter. The problem is there are loads of different inverters out there producing different voltage and wattage. How can i figure out which one will provide sufficient (but not too much) power for my two devices? Thanks Al

And got the following answer:

You'll want an inverter that does 12V (standard car voltage) to mains voltage (120 in the US isn't it?), with at least 200W to cover your laptop and printer. There's no such thing really as "too much power" for the invertor as it's just maximum available power rather than how much is always supplied. Kind of like your car's top speed - there if you need, but you don't always have to use it. The higher the max power, the less work the invertor will have to do to power what you've got so the longer it should last for in hours of use. The down side is that the more powerful you get, the more expensive it will be, the bigger it will be.

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