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City Splash asked What types of substances are removed from mixtures using adsorption?

Explain why please?? Thanks so much!!! I need this by Tuesday, thank you!!

And got the following answer:

Adsorption of organic, non-polar substances such as: Mineral oil BTEX Poly aromatic hydrocarbons (PACs) (Chloride) phenol Adsorption of halogenated substance: I, Br, Cl, H en F Yeasts Various fermentation products Non-polar substances (Substances which are non soluble in water) adsorption is a process where a solid is used for removing a soluble substance from the water. In this process active carbon is the solid. Activated carbon is produced specifically so as to achieve a very big internal surface (between 500 - 1500 m2/g). This big internal surface makes active carbon ideal for adsorption. why ?? to purify water for various use. Process description: Water is pumped in a column which contains active carbon, this water leaves the column through a draining system. The activity of an active carbon column depends on the temperature and the nature of the substances. Water goes through the column constantly, which gives an accumulation of substances in the filter. For that reason the filter needs to be replace periodically. A used filter can be regenerated in different ways, granular carbon can be regenerated easily by oxidizing the organic matter. The efficiency of the active carbon decreases by 5 - 10% 1). A small part of the active carbon is destroyed during the regeneration process and must be replaced. If you work with different columns in series, you can assure that you will not have a total exhaustion of your purification system.

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