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Jim Smith asked How close to set temperature is reasonable for a fridge freezer?

Since acquiring thermometers for my fridge-freezer I have noticed the temperature goes up and down for quite a bit. Sometimes it seems to get too warm before the thermostat (or equivalent in a modern fridge-freezer) kicks in and the compressor fires up and starts cooling. Is the any published guidance anywhere as to as to what temperature excursions are reasonable and beyond which represents a dangerous defect? And at what duration is an automatic defrost cycle too long so as to become unhealthful? Thanks for the response Tony. But I still don't know what temperature range of variation is reasonable and what is too much to be reasonable. Anyone know a source of information on this?

And got the following answer:

The ideal temperature for a freezer is zero degrees give or take a degree or two. Even if the freezer warms up to 10 degrees or so that is not the end of the world but it does mean food stored in the freezer will not stay fresh as long.

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