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gefrie asked If my LED lights consume 20w from a transformer, can I expect the transformer to get 20w hot?

The leds are in a strip and produce no heat, but the transformer (similar to those Ikea ones) get REALLY hot. Not 100w lightbulb hot, but I can hold it for a about 5 seconds, then I have to take my finger off.

And got the following answer:

I'm assuming you are speaking of a AC to DC inverter commonly called a wall wart. The heat you are feeling is probably normal. Heat is generated within a lot of power conversion and inversion equipment as a by product of dropping a voltage. Depending on the price you paid for the set, you may get a relatively high heat being generated as a by product of the power conditioning taking place. Resistors, capacitors, voltage regulation ICs, transformers and inductors all produce heat as a by product of normal operation. If the heat is much above 85 degrees C, then worry. Otherwise it is simply the price you pay to get the 20 watts to the LED s for their operation needs.

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