The best industrial inverters

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Percy asked Can an Electrical Engineer start his own company?

Ok, sounds confusing, but is it really possible? Since most of the companies are founded by business men and run by industrial engineers (e.g. Apple), how can an Electrical Engineer found and run his own company? what are the necessities?

And got the following answer:

Yes. 1. You need experience and an extra degree will help. You need lots of knowledge of how a business works through experiences and an MBA will help greatly if you can go back to school. MBA's are also offered online to work with your schedule and take 2 years to complete. 2. You need extensive knowledge and expertise in the field you are starting your company in. If you want to make a new tablet computer, you need to know how to make one and learn at least some computer code used in the Apple or Android OS. If you want to design a new type of power inverter, you need to know how they are made, how much they cost, what is the market for them. 3. You need a good credit score so you can get huge loans to start a business. 4. Once you get a company name and logo, get an EIN from the IRS. The EIN number is your business number for tax purposes. It makes your company a legitimate business. Start off by taking classes in Marketing, Management, Economics, and Business. It would also help to take Industrial engineering courses like Concurrent Engineering, Manufacturing Systems, Linear Programming, Engineering Economics, and Data Mining to give you a different view of all the things that go into running a company.

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