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SlopeDirk asked Automotive LED malfunction electric gearheads help pls?

Working on 2001 small bus. Has LED clearance lights. They are all not working. I have removed one and made connections on the white and black wires. I tried establishing a known good ground using volt/ohm meter and the feed from cig lighter. I jumped this ground to the black and did not get lights to light. On the positive side, I accessed the panel and found the relay for circuit. Its working and made no difference when I used a jumper to get 12v to the circuit with the LEDs, but it sparked. I tested and its drawing about 2 amps but no lights light. The kicker is, when I connect volt meter at the white and black wires and there is no power going to the positive from the panel, I am getting -1.5v. Thats right, negative 1.5 volts using red to white, and black to black. I used ohm meter to go from white at the LED to the feed at panel for the circuit and it showed continuity although with 6ohms resistance which was odd given its a small bus and pretty thick wires, short runs. I have tried this with two of the 10 LED lights and got the same results. Each light has a circuilt board built into it to lower the voltage I am guessing. Because each one is really adhered to the side of the bus and they are only $7 each I am thinking of just replacing all of them, but what else can I do? Why would I be getting negative 1.5 volts when power is off the circuit? I have done a fair amount of car wiring but this is really frying my brain. Thanks I am not sure these lights ever worked, the owner is not sure. Have to check wiring it seems like they are mixed up Pos / Neg if I had to guess. Thanks any other thoughts?

And got the following answer:

Hook the positive to the black and the white will be negative or ground . The led or light emitting diode has to have proper voltage flow as the voltage in a diode will only operate in the proper direction .

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