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Flyer88 asked What can you tell me about puttin LED lights in my car?

I am interested in putting some LED lights in my car. What is a good type to buy and how should i go about installing them? ummm okay.

And got the following answer:

Depends - do you mean additional interior lighting, replacing existing lights, or exterior lights. You can get replacement LEd bulbs that will fit most standard fittings - you cna replace tail, stopp, indicator, sidelight, running light number plate and fog light bulbs. No way to do headlights yet - they are not bright enough. On the interior, you can replace most of the standard and dash bulbs for white or coloured led. Additional lighting can be done by wiring and extra bulb holder or LED light rope or pad to an existing interior light power supply. For lights that are on all the time, you will need to find an ignition controlled power supply, but I'd avoid these as they can make driving at night hazardous.

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