The best led lighting for home

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john t asked Where can i find LED lighting for my home?

I am remodeling my home and would like to use led lighting in as many places as possible but it seems like the only led lighting available at this time is just accent lighting.Does anyone know of a website that has LED lighting for the home as a main source? I know its expensive but do you know where i can get exact pricing?What kind of bulbs do power compact lighting use?

And got the following answer:

you are honestly going to be paying a ton of money for leds. while leds are extremely effiecient they havent caught on enough in the market to be affordable. power compact lighting is what i would choose they're efficient, affordable, and dont give off to much heat. i'm talking about the bulbs that you turn on and they have to warm up till they get their full color. the normal incandescent replacements are usually the screw shape. they are self ballasted.

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