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toph asked Where can I get mini LED light strings for a model house?

I do a light show every year on my house and I have built and painted a very small version of my house so I can try light shows to see how I like them but I cant find small enough lights. I really just need mini versions of regular led lights.

And got the following answer:

Maybe you can search in the Internet,the network to find suppliers is a tide, can easily find it. But you should pay attention to some skills: 1. The site credibility, network legal, instant/email massage, ask sales professional products question, looks at the answer is professional 2. Call to ask factory, for example, the device, workers, delivery, after sales. 3. With websites or company to search their relevant information network intitle: company names + news ,so find the company relevant information I have done little business as a translator in some large enterprises, so I have some experience about finding suppliers. 1. professional stage light manufacturer,Products in domestic large concert, opera are useful. Not the international brand, but famous in the domestic industry. 2. I have been to their plant, and they have first-class equipment, good workers, is medium enterprise, and I find the workers are so quite hard-working. 3. This factory I know, and I tell the manager contact, is responsible for the people, to the sales is very strict. They do furniture lamp, factory address in foshan, quality reliable Hopping the websites can give a little help for you.

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