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June asked How do you know if an IC is damaged or just doesn't work anymore?

I swear that I wired an inverter the way it's supposed to and it simply doesn't work. I have tested it with LED lights (and no, i'm sure it's not the LED lights) How do you know if it's me or if it's the IC? Also, what kinds of things can damage an IC and cause it to not work?

And got the following answer:

exceeding specs can damage ICs. that's stuff like too much current, temperature, voltage etc. only know it's damaged if it's output is out of spec (can mean doesn't do anything!) when wired up properly. Not sure if it is wired up properly? data sheet for parts often have a test circuit can you provide a part number? would help a lot. presume by inverter you mean something like a NOT gate. (rather than an inverter which changes DC into AC) LED is connected up the right way? get a multimeter and check to see if IC is outputting any current. It's possible the IC is working, but simply not putting out enough current to light the LED. another thing to watch for is quite a few ICs have open collector outputs. Electrically these are like a switch between the output pin, and 0V. Such outputs can't source(provide) current, but they will sink current. try connecting the LED up to +ve, and the "output" pin, and see if that makes any difference.

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