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Leo asked LED lighting manufacturer, any one know their products catalog?

Any one know their products catalog of

And got the following answer:

Jinlai Lighting Co., Ltd. is a professional LED lighting manufacturer dedicated to developing, manufacturing and selling various LED Light-fixture (LED Bulb, LED PAR Spotlight, LED Ceiling Light, LED Downlight, LED Venture Light, LED Panel Light, LED Wall Light, LED Point Lamp, LED Strip Light, LED Flood Light, LED Module, LED Tube, LED Digital Tube, LED Holiday Light, LED High Bay Light, LED Street Light, LED Tunnel Lamp, LED Track Light, LED Wall Washer Light, LED Underwater Light, LED Underground Light, LED Display Board etc.) and Outdoor Lighting (Solar Street Light, Landscape Lamp, Lawn Light, Garden Lamp, etc.). The products range commercial lighting, household lighting and outdoor lighting.

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