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TOOTAl2 asked Is it worth the cost to upgrade all my cfls and ccfls to led bulbs?

I just installed a 40 watt led bulb that uses 8 watts. I like it but it cost 40$ and it only saves me about 2 watts over cfl bulb. its going to take years before i save any money.

And got the following answer:

Depends on your preference of light quality. Even "daylight" balanced CFL's are still heavy inthe green portion of the visible spectrum. A daylight LED will give a better rendering of white. If you are handy with a soldering iron, you can buy the component power LEDS, either as a module or as a tabbed chip to make your own arrays. CFL's and CCFL's use an oscillator that can cause headaches for some people and will create RF interference, some worse than others. If you have headaches you cannot account for- switching to the LEDs is the way to go. While some LED power supplies use Pulse Width Modulation for the power source, you are not required to use that as your power source- you can run them off a battery or a transformer with the correct regulator. LED lighting is cold friendly, CFL's are not. LED lighting is longer lived than CFL's, the conservative estimate for an average LED lamp is 50,000 hours. CFLs and CCFl's are not even close to that. LED lighting is metal housing friendly. Many CFL's fail prematurely in exhaust hoods and recessed lighting fixtures due to the quirks of plasma energy flow paths. When the shortest path to ground potential is the corner of a fixture, the energy gets concentrated there and will compromise the glass envelope. Three sites worth looking at are:

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