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kam asked can I have blue strobe lights in my car before getting the permit?

I'm going to be a firefighter volunteer in PA in about three weeks and i have already bought blue strobe lights for my car... I'm not going to get the permit for them until I’m in the force, but can I do the wiring now and just not use them until then? (of course without getting pulled over) If it makes any difference, they are two small 21-Led blue strobe lights that are gonna be fixed on the top corners of my car's front windshield.

And got the following answer:

Installing auxiliary lighting normally requires approval of the sheriff of your county. I suspect he has some type of agreement with your department. However, the agreement will not apply until you are actually on the department. If they are not visible, I doubt you will be questioned. However, if they are observed, or you are seen operating them, you could be held accountable.

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