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Max asked What kind of filter should i use on a 4000 gallon tank?

Ok i might get a Sterlet Sturgeon, and im thinking of getting a 4000 gallon tank. But what kinda of filter should i get?

And got the following answer:

For a tank that big, a filter room would be best. A great filtration system would rely on hydroponics technology and living plants would be filtering and renewing your water. A heat exchanger can save costs on changing the water temperature from the cool water the fish needs and the warm water that plants and the nitrification bacteria must have. Someone's suggestion of a greenhouse is a possibility but any room or basement and hydroponic trays would work too. I prefer LED lights over metal halide for this, more energy conservative, and much less heat generated. You could also tie in the system to an outdoor pond or small lake, which would reduce the costs of chilling the aquarium in the winter. When a friend set up his new wholesale fish building, he had a big rectangle jack hammered out in the concrete floor, dug down five feet and put in a pond liner. A foam insulated floor then covered the reservoir which had the surrounding subsoil as a heat sink. There were trapdoors for access and pipes coming in and out along the ends of the multiple aquarium racks the floor was built to hold. This is a pretty economical strategy for building a large sump for your fish, and you might be able to use the space above for tanks to isolate and quarantine feeder fish. In captivity sterlets are likely to never exceed three feet or a meter by much, even though record ones have been five feet long. You could have several of them in a 4000 gallon tank if the filtration and chilling is adequate. You could probably use equipment like in the link below that someone in Akron OH is selling. It previously operated an entire warehouse of wholesale tropical fish.

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