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John asked PLEASE HELP! Makita, DeWalt or Ridgid Power Tool Combo Kits?

I'm a soon to be plumber and wondering which to get because they are all great. But i am completely tied on which one to get. I have read a ton of reviews and watched videos on them. But i cant decide. If i was going to get DeWalt-DEWALT DCK590L2 20-Volt 3.0 Ah Max Li-Ion 5-Tool Combo Kit. If Makita-Makita Makita BJR181 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Reciprocating Saw Kit (AND) Makita LCT200W 18-Volt Compact Lithium-Ion 2-Piece Combo Kit. If Ridgid- RIDGID X4 5 Pieces Combo Kit with Free X4 Lith-Ion Battery. I like ridgid's lifetime warranty, but i don't know yet if i would be using the battery's constantly, because you only get 2 and if you buy anymore they are only guaranteed for 3 years but i like the lifetime. I have heard that makita's drill lasted 2 people since 87 and 84 that i talked to. Along with the makita drill, impact, and recip saw i would get a dewalt corded circular saw. I am looking for compact though ONLY IF PEOPLE WOULD RECCOMEND IT FOR A PLUMBER. The compact drills and tools have the 1.5 ah batteries which are smaller but hold less of a charge. But if i need the bigger batteries i would buy them. So i want to know which is the best to buy under those circumstances. I NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET PLEASE GET ANYONE WITH EXPERIENCE WITH THESE TOOLS TO RESPOND!

And got the following answer:

Wow you are soon to be a plumber and u don't know what tools to buy ?????? given that most hand power tools are a fraction of what they cost 20 years ago and there is such an abundance of different brands you could buy the cheapest stuff possible when it dies buy another, the cheapest cordless drill i ever bought is better than my makita cordless it comes down to personal preference the only thing you need to consider is make sure it is lithium ion if its cordless, as to corded power tools drills i have about 2 makitas 1 bosch 1 metabo i aeg 1 chinese ozito the aeg has a 1/2" chuck the rest are 3/8 out of them all i like the ozito as it is the lightest to use, as to your comment lifetime warrantee i would really read the fine print it probably involves them sending your machine away to be tested what are you going to use while yours is away for a month dont forget buying tools of the trade is tax deductable i use a cnc router it is cheaper to replace router bits than have them sharpened i charge a new router bit to every job that i do the bit costs $6.50 to have it sharpened is $8.00 use this as common sence if you drop an expensive and a cheap drill they both break which one costs less to replace and in some cases you can get three cheap machines for the cost of one expensive one there are other factors to consider as well such as the cost of replacing if they are stolen the cost of insuring etc etc

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