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cool man asked power drill?

is this a good buy or shold I buy a black and decker 12v I need it for woodworking

And got the following answer:

As others have already said, this type of drill is perfect if all you are going to be using it for is general use around the house. You mentioned however that you need it for woodworking. Neither the Black and Decker or the Craftsman drill is going to work for you. If you must have a cordless drill then you are going to need one that is rated for heavy duty use like the ones suggested by others. (Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Porter Cable, Bosch, Rigid, or Skil are some top names to look into) The problem with trying to use a B&D or Craftsman drill is they lack the torque you're going to want. They'll work fine for a very short period of time if they don't bind up in hardwood but it will be a VERY short period. The battery will have to be recharged frequently because the motor has to draw more power from it to do the job. Another thing that was suggested by other is the sie of the drill is inadequate. The higher the voltage of drill you have the less you'll have to recharge it. The downside to this is a higher voltage drill means more weight. You may not think to much about the weight if you only have to use your drill once in a while. Trust me when I say this though, a drill is probably the most used portable power tool in any woodshop. Some woodshops now are even requiring their employees own there own codless drill along with general handtools. Many have suggested a 18 volt and that is a good suggestion. Personally, I have a 14.4 volt with an extra battery that I keep on the charger. I wouldn't go less than 14 volts, you're going to appreciate the extra power. If you look into the manufaturers I mentioned above you're going to be looking at prices ranging anywhere from $80 to $200. Another option I would suggest looking into, if you are on a tight budget, would be getting a corded drill from the same manufaturers I listed above. Corded drills have more power than cordlees one, don't require any battery changes, and are far cheaper. The downside to these are obviously portability. But you could use your corded drill for the time being, save up for a quality cordless in the future, and set your corded aside for when you need to bore large holes that your cordless may noy be able to handle.

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