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Ima Ninja asked What size of battery should I hook up to a 120VAC mini red neon/LED light?

i have this light im trying to hook up to battery, but idk what battery to use. i tried one AA and it didn't do anything! the light is a red Neon light i got from RadioShack. it has a voltage of 120V, a current of 1.5mA, and has a brightness of 150 Lux. what battery would be able to power this light? is the light to strong to run on a batteries? please help! thanks 😀

And got the following answer:

=== the mini LED that you have is designed to run on household current ==== NOT BATTERIES === go back to Radio Shack and get LED's that operate on all sizes of battery power ... it is the only way to accomplish the battery hook-up == ask the dude at Radio Shack to help you select correct LED's ...

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