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worried person asked How do I increase the voltage from a 9 volt battery to produce ion wind?

People have suggested I use chopper circuits, inverters, and all sorts of stuff, and I am completely confused. I don't need high current, just a high voltage for ion wind(probably from a sharp metal point).

And got the following answer:

Not tough. Just build and inverter.. but you're probably looking for tens of thousands of volts - you can't do it directly cause of the limitations of mosfets or IGBT's breakdown voltages. So, build a simple single ended inverter and make sure you run it through a transformer to really kick the voltage up. transformer is going to be the most difficult part becuase the secondary is going to have to have a massive number of turns and will have to have teflon insulated wire. or you could get one of those hand held 9V battery run stun guns and reverse engineer it -- however, I already know they are doing exactly what I described. for gating, use a 555 timer.

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