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John Connor asked Can you install a home air conditioner in a car?

A window a/c unit custom fitted to the back seat where the exhaust goes out through the trunk (that is customed to be slightly open). Using an energy converter , etc. to hook it in to the car plug-in?

And got the following answer:

I'm not an electrician, but I have run some household 110 volt things in my RV (recreational vehicle/motorhome) with an inverter. Although they do convert (sort of), the gizmo that turns your car power (12 volt DC or Direct Current) to the 110 volt AC (Alternating Current) that say a small household fan would use are called "inverters" not converters. But, as far as I know, unless you have a special, extra, extra heavy duty alternator hooked up in your vehicle, getting enough energy from your DC system to power an Alternating Current 110 Volt air conditioner is NOT likely. More than that, if you tried this it's possible you could damage your car's electrical wiring or start a car fire. And your idea to pull air in from the back window is also problematic. The reason cars push air out (instead of in) back there is that your engine exhaust (carbon monoxide can kill you) is floating around back there in your slip stream and you really don't want to pull that inside. Again, I'm not a professional, but I'll bet any knowledgable automotive pro would tell you: "Don't try this. It's a really bad idea."

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