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There was an error connecting to the Amazon web service, or no results were found for your query.

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Joel asked Ideas on building an outdoor water fountain/waterfall?

I am looking for any ideas, consultance, and inspiration on how to go about building an outdoor freestanding water fountain. I have been scowering the internet and youtube to no avail, as it seems what I am looking to build is different from everything else I have seen. My mom's bday is coming up, so I wanted to do something nice and thus far this idea hasn't left the "cocktail napkin" stage. What I want to do is build a base, similar to the dimensions of a wishing well. Then off the back build up a 3' sloped riser, to ultimately simulate a waterfall, as well as place a small fountain at the base of the water fall. What materials would be recommended? I thought about framing everything out of 2x2's, then putting plywood/osb with felt/cement board? as sheathing. Then mortering a brick/limestone/rock/stone on all the exterior and making a ledge atop the "wishing well" maybe out of shale or similar material. What wood would best sheathing to hold up to being outside? Also, if I want both a small fountain in the base and a water to trickle down the waterfall what size pump would be best? Would 140 GPH work? The water works don't have to be overly elaborate, but visible atleast. Another thing I would really like to do is somehow illuminate it. I thought about using LED rope lighting just below the ledge on the inside but above the basin, but I don't know if there is a better way of accomplishing this. Either way, my goal for a price range is under $150, and if I find the whole idea is feasible I will try and find some building material and stone for cheaper, so that's not a huge concern as of yet. If anyone has any ideas, please reply or shoot a helpful link, anything is appreciated. Thanks much. If I knew how to reply I would, but I don't so this will have to suffice. What I mean by a "wishing well" is just a 6-sided base, similar to that of a decorative well. Probably stand 3-4 feet high. I think a square base would look a little plain, and building a circular base....well I'm just not that talented.

And got the following answer:

I can't help you a lot but here are a couple of observations. Any wood you use should be protected from moisture (not just with paint) as well as possible or it won't last long. Marine grade plywood would be best but it isn't cheap unless you can find someone with some suitable sized scraps they would give you or sell cheap. The pump sounds OK for what you envision. Be careful with electrical stuff -- it doesn't work well with water. For safety, use lights and wiring that are designed for outdoor use.

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