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SS asked Should i replace Philips CFL with Philips LED bulb?

I rent an apartment using 24W Philips CFL bulb. For the same lumen, I want to replace it with LED bulb, how many watt should I choose for the LED bulb?

And got the following answer:

This is not really as straight forward a questions as you think. A lot of it depends not only on lumens per watt, but on the lighting application. A 24W CFL emits approximately the same amount of total lumens as a 100W incandesent bulb, and they are both for the most part non-directional (the light is emitted in almost all directions). An 8W LED bulb emits about the same total lumens as a 45W incandesent, but it is more directional, so it acts more like a 60W incandesent. All that being said, in most home lighting application a 10W LED should provide close to the same total lighting as your 24W CFL, and will last about 4 times longer (about 22 years for an LED and about 5 years for a CFL, based on 6 hour burn time per day.)

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