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UndergradStudent asked How to be a Controls Engineer?

I am one semester away from graduating with a BS in Chemical Engineering. I'm currently looking for a job with a few potential prospects from recruiters, but am unsure about the work I might be doing. I really enjoyed this class I took on process control involving PID control theory and using Control Station Loop Pro to simulate bump tests on offline systems. I really want to be a control engineer and do exactly this! Anyone with experience know where I can find jobs by using this kind of software to keep plants at their steady state or maybe any graduate programs in controls? Also, I think it would be really cool to work in Asia like Singapore or Japan, but can only speak English.

And got the following answer:

You should try to find a job in the power or process industry, and request to be assigned to the instrumentation lab. There, you will find all kinds of process instrumentation work from which you can learn. There is a big difference between theory and practice. PID Control Theory is hardly applied at all. Working in Asia might be a problem. I think the cultural divide is huge. You should try to learn other languages. German and Arabic are at the top of my list. . .

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