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eddie9551 asked How bout a casket cam?

Here is my idea. if you dont like sick and twisted please just move on :p When I shed this mortal coil and head into The Light, I want a cam in my casket, focused on my face. They have cameas with LED lights that brighten up the darkest places. A cable goes to the surface and inside the tombstone is a processor, a solar yard light for power and a wireless antenna so I can broadcast Dead-EdCam and you all can watch me decay 😛 Imagine future office pools on when my lower jaw will fall off. Bury me with a No Pest Strip to keep the bugs down, maybe a little green pine tree in case I can still smell my smell. I think its a GREAT idea!! is a crock of crap. It's an animated gif that just loops over and over

And got the following answer:

If you are going to post this on the web, please notify me. Of course, before you die. I'm very interested to see the role of decomposition. And that's a really neat idea, but then again I'm morbid myself.

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