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james t asked How do I keep portable power for small appliances for long durations on the move?

If I'm living in my car down south and I need constant power for a fan, fridge, tv, recharging things, etc... what do I need and how much does it cost? Do those solar power panels work? Can you place them on the roof lying under the blazing sun? And then I can plug my applicances in? How much do I need to spend on those? Or will it not work? I don't know. Help me out. No smart alic comments, only answers. Thanx.

And got the following answer:

to power those kind of appliences that draw that kind of power you need a kickass power inverter, i would say 4000watts or more and they are not cheap and you will need alot af battery power to keep them going you can also use a gas generator but they are noisy you can go to an rv dealer and talk to them as thats what they do

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