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chris2009 asked What gauge wire is needed for a power inverter?

I have three questions. First, what size wire do I need to use to run a 400 watt power inverter directly to a car battery? Second, will it be o.k. to run a rocker switch so I will not have to cut power directly on the inverter? Third, what size fuse relay is recommended for this? Thanks for the help.

And got the following answer:

I would use a minimum of 10 ga wire for this. Any smaller and if you have a constant 400 watt load going, the wire may overheat. Yes, as long as the rocker switch is energizing a 40 amp relay, you may put a rocker switch in to turn the inverter on and off. And for a 400 watt inverter, like I said, you would want a 40 amp relay. Power(wattage_ is voltage times current, so 12 volts(average) times 40 amps would be 480 watts. Also, you would want a 40 amp fuse right next to the battery in case of a short coming through the bulkhead.

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