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dk asked what is the significance of the calibration in glassware?

how is accuracy and precision exemplified in this experiment? why do you have such value for relative error?

And got the following answer:

Generally chemical glassware is made of thin glass. It has a large bottom part and a thin neck on which there is a horizontal line marked and one can read under that line the volumetric measure of the glassware. Also there are the words which say something like: At 20 C. This means the glass was filled with precise amount of liquid measure by International Standard equipment at room temperature (which is considered to be 20°C) This horizontal mark is made where the meniscus of the liquid is. Meniscus is the top of a liquid column, made convex if mercury is used or concave if oil is measured. Accuracy is measured by International Standard volumetric measure and temperature dependent expansion is made accurate by the 20°C Accuracy is attained by using volume control and temperature control and it is exemplified by the horizontal mark and the temperature appearing on the glass neck. You have such value for relative error because chemical solutions need to be accurate so other people will be able to replicate the same experiment over and over the world and to trust it to be accurate, in a relative way?

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