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Mark S asked Is it safe to warm a Propane tank which is prone to freezing up?

The tank size is absolutely limited, as it feeds a 1/8 size, live-steam locomotive, and has to fit inside a car. I could heat the tank with a looped steam line through water in which the Propane tank is (partially) immersed. My questions are: Is it safe to heat a tank to prevent chill-off and, if so; What might be the ideal temperature to maintain? Thanks!

And got the following answer:

You tank about "chill-off" that is not a term I am familiar with. You also mention "freezing up." Propane is dehydrated in the processing and should not freeze. Are you saying the tank gets so cold that the propane does not vaporize sufficiently to supply your needs? The contents of any propane tank are liquid with a small vapor space and can exert a pressure based on the temperature of the tank. At 100 degrees F, propane has a vapor pressure of about 210 psig. If you start to heat the tank the pressure in the tank will start to rise and can exceed the rated pressure of the tank. There should be a relief valve built into the tank and should the rated pressure be exceed, it will "pop" and relieve the pressure. If this valve is not safely vented, you could have a fire or maybe even an explosion. Heating the tank could be very dangerous. If you are going to do this, you will need to be very careful to control the heating process so you will not exceed the rated pressure of the tank. You also need to vent the relief so any propane vapors do not accumulate in a closed space. You also need to be aware that propane is heavier than air and will tend to hug the ground if vented in any quanity. As to the best temperature, I would say any temperature above 100 degs will push the tank pressure above the point where the relief valve might activate. This is something you really should avoid.

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