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NovaKarl asked Why use a pure-sine wave inverter?

What are the effects of using an inverter with a modified sine wave output to power devices that were designed to be powered with a pure sine wave? What kind of devices are adversely affected by modified sine wave power, and what exactly are the effects. It seems that the modified sine wave power could still properly be Pulse Width Modulated using SCRs, as long as the duty cycle is changed to produce the same effective power. What effect does the modified sine wave have on single phase AC motors? It makes sense that more heat would be generated in the motor due to third harmonics, but I assume "brushless DC motors" don't use a pure sine wave either. What about switching power supplies? Cordless drill battery chargers? Pure sine wave inverters are more expensive and less efficient than the modified sine wave inverters. Where does a true sine wave really become an advantage.

And got the following answer:

A true and pure sine wave is always more efficient to drive a motor load. Modified sine waves have a high harmonic content and this translates into heat losses. That is why motors for variable speed drives must have a higher power rating, single or 3-phase. It makes them more noisy, too. Where to use one or other? Just choose the one that will do the job. No need to spend money in a more expensive one, particularly if it is not as efficient. The harmonics from solid state power supplies, be it switching, SCR or any other, also generate a considerable inductive load, which overloads the distribution network. Switching power supplies are DC power supplies. Cordless drill battery chargers are just regulated DC power supplies. .

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