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g4331 asked What would be the type of power inverter that I would need to power a 15 amp, 120 volt AC lawnmower?

Keep in mind that I have to have something that will handle the ramp up voltage and I need an efficiency rate of 100%, not 90%. I have tried inverters up to 1500 watts with 3000 watts peak voltage but they crap out just as the motor starts spinning. Does this mean that I will need a pure sine wave inverter? I have been using modified sine wave units so far. This shouldn't be that big of a deal, I am only trying to power a large,110 -125 volt motor. Ok, starting an induction motor IS a big deal, I was wrong to say it wasn't. Thank you Tinker, for correcting me. I liked your answer, but an AC motor is FAR more powerful than a DC motor. This Bolens mower that I have is a beast compared to battery and gas mowers, I just hate doing that dance with the cord that I have to lug over my shoulder. Also, while the mower does make noise, it's much quieter than a gas mower and no fumes. So would someone please tell me which inverter would work? There has got to be one. How about an aircraft inverter?

And got the following answer:

As said above 120 volts times 15 amps is 1800 watts. And motors should always be ran on Pure/True sine wave. See this link for information on the sine wave types. Now to run 1800 watts on a 12 volt battery bank. 1800 watts divided by 12 volts gives you 150 amps in the battery just to run the motor with a minium of twice that much to start it. Then you can only run the battery bank to a 50% rate of discharge to keep from hurting the batteries. You would need 8 T-105 Trojan batteries to keep that motor running for a hour. How strong are you? Can you drag 8, 70 pound batteries around your yard? Keep in mind that the house breaker that you are powering that motor on is a 20 amp breaker and your house power is Pure sine wave. Is it worth it ... Nope it is not. Just drag the cord and be happy. There is no better way.

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