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Da Sahar SToRaY asked What is Typical Inductance of a Grid? How do we calculate it?

Can we ignore the inductance value of the Grid if the Grid is Fed by PV Inverter?

And got the following answer:

I don't think there is any practical way to calculate the grid impedance, as there are about a million loads switching off and on. Your inverter will see some impedance when you connect it to the grid. One ohm, perhaps, if you are connecting on the 240 volt side of the utility companies transformer. I suppose there is a measuring instrument of some sort, but my guess is not very useful, except for trouble shooting the grid. If your inverter is producing the grid voltage (at your connection point) and is phased locked, no current will be supplied or draw from the grid = it is floating. Normally the the inverter voltage is about one volt higher, and or/leads the phase of the grid by about one degree, so that up to the maximum rated volt-amps of your inverter is supplied to the grid. I'm not sure how your inverter deals with sudden drops in grid voltage. If it cannot, the over current feature of the inverter shuts the inverter off until the inverter is switched off then back on. Neil

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