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FastEddie asked How would I go about figuring the amp hours rating of rechargeable batteries?

I'm thinking I would need a to put a load on for a certain amount of time but don't know how to figure it out. They are drill batteries - Dewalt 18V and Craftsman 14.4V if that matters. Thanks Thanks but the batteries are used and I was hoping to figure it out in their current condition

And got the following answer:

You need to decide first of all what current draw cut off voltages you want.Suppose you decide on a current draw of 0.5 amps and cut off of 13.5 volts for the Craftsman. Rig a circuit to draw 0.5 amps and connect a voltmeter. Then connect the battery and start your stop watch. When the voltage drops to 13.5 stop your watch. Suppose it took 4.0 hours: (4.0 hours) X (0.5 amps) = 2.0 amp hours

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