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arg33554 asked What cordless power drill should I buy?

I have a stripped screw in my laptop which needs a new hard drive. It is a tiny 3mmx3 screw. So I bought Alden Microbit broken bolt extractor. Now I need a power drill to use with it. On the instruction it said I should use 1/8 inch rotary power drill. My question is if all power drills are the same, I mean if all power drills can use this tiny micro bit. I saw some 3/8" power drill using Goolge search but cannot find 1/8" one, can I use 3/8" drill with the #-0 Microbit I have? Correction: I have Alden Grabit 1257p which is used to extract bolts No. 5-6 (3mm). Which brand of 1/8 inch drill should I buy? I do a Google search, I only saw 1/2 inch, 3/8 inch and 1/4 inch power drills. Are bigger size drills able to drive 1/8 inch bit using an adapter? Please help me. I am new with this.

And got the following answer:

Hello, When they say to use a 1/8" rotary power drill, I believe they are referring to a rotary tool such as a dremel or a roto zip which have a 1/8" chuck. these are nice to have but you can only use attachments that have a 1/8" shaft......If you use a 3/8" cordless drill (which would also work) I would recommend using one that has a low and high torque setting. Use the low torque setting to drill out the old screw. If you like you can go to and read a review on a very light weight and very versatile 12v cordless drill that would work well in this situation. Hope this was helpful Good luck

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