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Grotewold asked What could I do with a 30 watt solar panel?

I recently saw a good deal on a 30 watt solar panel and was wondering what are some of the many things I could do with it? Could I run a TV or a computer?

And got the following answer:

You would still need a charge controller and battery to store the power you generate, and an inverter to convert the DC power to AC that your PC needs. If you figure the panel could make 30W for about 5 hours, and you would have about 30% losses throughout the system, you could generate about 105 watt hours (wh) (30W x 5 hours - 30%). A laptop computer draws as much as 80W (newer ones use less), so if it ran for 1 hour, that would use 80wh. You could run it for just over an hour. You'd need about a 18 amp hour battery (105wh x 2 (you never want to drain more than half way) / 12 volts = 17.5ah). Charge controller: battery: Inverter

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