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The Black Bolshevik asked Are there any solar powered or wind powered automobiles in mass production?

2009 to 2010 Bankrupt, closed, acquired Advent Solar (emitter wrap-through Si) acquired by Applied Materials Applied Solar (solar roofing) acquired by Quercus Trust OptiSolar (a-Si on a grand scale) closed Ready Solar (PV installation) acquired by SunEdison Solasta (nano-coaxial solar) closed SV Solar (low-concentration PV) closed Senergen (depositing silane onto free-form metallurgical-grade Si substrates) closed Signet Solar (a-Si) bankrupt Sunfilm (a-Si) bankrupt Wakonda (GaAs) closed 2011 Bankrupt, closed EPV Solar (a-Si) bankrupt Evergreen (drawn Si) bankrupt Solyndra (CIGS) bankrupt SpectraWatt (c-Si) bankrupt Stirling Energy Systems (dish engine) bankrupt Acquisition, sale Ascent Solar (CIGS) acquired by TFG Radiant Calyxo (CdTe) acquired by Solar Fields from Q.cells HelioVolt (CIGS) acquired by Korea's SK Innovation National Semiconductor Solar Magic (panel optimizers) exited systems business NetCrystal (silicon on flexible substrate) acquired by Solar Semiconductor Soliant (CPV) acquired by Emcore 2012 Bankrupt, closed Abound Solar (CdTe) bankrupt AQT (CIGS) closed Ampulse (thin silicon) closed Arise Technology (PV modules) bankrupt Azuray (microinverters) closed BP (c-Si panels) exits solar business Centrotherm (PV manufacturing equipment) bankrupt CSG (c-Si on glass) closed by Suntech Day4 Energy (cell interconnects) delisted from TSX exchange ECD (a-Si) bankrupt Energy Innovations (CPV) bankrupt Flexcell (a-Si roll-roll BIPV) closed GlobalWatt (solar) closed GreenVolts (CPV) closed Global Solar Energy (CIGS) closed G24i (DSCs) bankrupt in 2012, re-emerged as G24i Power with new investors Hoku (polysilicon) shut down its Idaho polysilicon production facility Inventux (a-Si) bankrupt Konarka (OSCs) bankrupt Odersun (CIGS) bankrupt Pramac (a-Si panels built with equipment from Oerlikon) insolvent Pairan (Germany inverters) insolvent Ralos (developer) bankrupt REC Wafer (c-Si) bankrupt Satcon (BoS) bankrupt Schott (c-Si) exits c-Si business Schuco (a-Si) shutting down its a-Si business Sencera (a-Si) closed Siliken (c-Si modules) closed Skyline Solar (LCPV) closed Siemens (CSP, inverters, BOS) divestment from solar Solar Millennium (developer) insolvent Solarhybrid (developer) insolvent Sovello (Q.cells, Evergreen, REC JV) bankrupt SolarDay (c-Si modules) insolvent Solar Power Industries (PV modules) bankrupt Soltecture (CIGS BIPV) bankrupt Sun Concept (developer) bankrupt Acquisition, fire sale, restructuring Oelmaier (Germany inverters) insolvent, bought by agricultural supplier Lehner Agrar Q.Cells (c-Si) insolvent, acquired by South Korea's Hanwha Sharp (a-Si) backing away from a-Si, retiring 160 of its 320 megawatts in Japan Solibro (CIGS) Q-Cells unit acquired by China's Hanergy Solon (c-Si) acquired by UAE's Microsol Scheuten Solar (BIPV) bankrupt, then acquired by Aikosolar SolFocus (CPV) layoffs, restructuring for sale Sunways (c-Si, inverters) bought by LDK, restructuring to focus on BIPV and storage 2013 Bankrupt, closed Bosch (c-Si PV module) exits module business Concentrator Optics (CPV) bankrupt Suntech Wuxi (c-Si) bankrupt Hmmmm guess not

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Not that I know of..

There was an error connecting to the Amazon web service, or no results were found for your query.

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