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torn asked How to install hardware for miniblinds?

I tried to use my electric screwdriver to drill the screws into the window ledge. They started to go in but stopped with about 1/2 way. How can I fix this? Do I have to use a real drill?

And got the following answer:

Everyone has good ideas, so let me start at the beginning. Go to the store and buy a roll of two faced tape, (also known as Mother in Law " tape. Before you place the bracket in position, cut and attach an appropriate size piece of the tape to the bracket where it will meet the place you intend to put it. That will stick the bracket in place while you put the screws in. I like to do that because this way I can check that the brackets are nice and level and they don't keep moving while I start the screws. Also, I throw away the cheap Made in China screws and substitute #6 x 1" galvenized dry wall screws, which I install with my cordless electric drill

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