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. asked What is the difference between pure sine wave and grid tie inverters?

i want to go grid tie with a wind generator can i use a pure sine wave inverter as a grid tie.From what i've read it seems like they are the same thing,but inverters sold as grid tie's are more expensive than pure sine wave's.Just wondering if this is a marketing ploy of is there some difference that i haven't seen

And got the following answer:

A grid-tie inverter has to be a pure sine inverter that also does all this: 1. match the phase of the sine-wave to the grid 2. match the voltage of the sine-wave to the grid. 3. match the freqency of the sine-wave to the grid. To do all 3 of those makes it more expensive. It's not marketing hype, it's extra circuitry to do all of that stuff. If you just throw a plain sine-inverter on the grid and you aren't matched to all three (voltage, phase, frequency), your sine-inverter will burn up very quickly, possibly in a righteous display of melted metal and sparks. .

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