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Jogger Jackers asked How Do I Convert A Single Phase DC Power To A Three Phase AC To Run A 30KW 52.3A AC Motor?

I was planning on building an electric car hopefully weighing around 500KG and i was looking at a three phase motor rated 52.3A at 400V and was wondering how to convert/invert the power from a single phase DC power from batteries, to a three phase AC power to run the motor, i have looked a inverters but they all say, that if you put a single phase power source into it you can only power a max of a 3Kw motor, so i was thinking if i could maybe use 2 inverters, not sure if thats possible or not, or if someone has had experience in this and know a way of doing this as i cant get mains power to a moving car, anyway if anyone knows how to do this please let me know, i would be so grateful as i have spent at least 24+ hours trying to research this.

And got the following answer:

If it is made for electric cars, they will make controllers for them. For some reason, I think you are trying to use a motor made for fixed industrial equipment, not to move a car.

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