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There was an error connecting to the Amazon web service, or no results were found for your query.

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T Bugg asked How do I go about outfitting a home with solar energy?

I am interested in terms of cost effeciency, ease of installment and procurement, quality of products, length of product life, energy output, and energy storage.

And got the following answer:

Here's some info for you.... Solar electric panels are installed on the roof of your home with stainless steel mounting brackets. Each panel is made of solar cells, also called photovoltaics. Most solar cells are very thin rectangular or circular wafers made of silicon, but some consist of a thin film that is sprayed on glass or thin metal. When sunlight hits the cell, electrons are released. The electrons then flow through wires, forming direct current (DC), which is the same kind of current that flows through a regular battery. Current is then sent to your your electrical inverter. The inverter converts the DC to an alernating current (AC) and produces AC power to the standards of your local power company. The inverter is then connected to your circuit breaker and electric meter, which monitors your power usage. Isn't solar energy expensive to install? It costs less to build a manufactured home than a conventional home. The costs of initially installing solar components raise the price of a home. However, when you offset the cost of solar instatllation by the savings you incur with a manufactured home, you only pay about 5% more for the construction of the home. Remember, though, the real savings from solar energy is in your monthly utility bills. Don't solar panels require high maintenance? No. Your solar-electric system requires little to no maintenance. Photovoltaics have no moving parts and the system needs as much maintenance as your home's main electrical panel. The photovoltaic panels themselves are warranted for 20 years; the electrical inverter for five years. Normal weatherÑrain, wind, and snowÑcleans your panels sufficiently with no significant loss in efficiency.

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